The Power of Music

I recently read a blogpost by composer Bernard Kane which made me think about the power of music. 

Most people, whether we like it or not, associate our memories with music. 

Photo by William Gottlieb / Getty Images

My grandfather loved Frank Sinatra so whenever I hear his music it always has a special place in my heart. 

Whenever me and my friends hear pop songs from the early 2000 it feels like we were all a part of a secret club and it takes us back to memories of that time. 

Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

It’s interesting how music can make us feel included in a group, make us connect over a memory or over our shared love for something. On the other hand it can also do the exact opposite where we can feel excluded or as if there is something we should understand and enjoy but we just don’t. 

Even though music can be very connected to our taste or associations, I do believe that just like stories and food it can be communicated, understood and enjoyed through different cultures. 

Do you have a song or piece of music which takes you back to a memory?

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